About... Zest and Honey

Zest and Honey's motto is "when life gives you lemonade...yay lemonade" and to be honest the beginning of Zest and Honey was a total surprise. In July 2017 I was attacked while working in a remote community and as a result, deferred university to spend 6 months focusing on recovery and wellbeing. I was pretty shaken up and was struggling with my mental wellbeing. I had a lot of spare time and having never really been one to sit still, I started painting as a form of relaxation therapy. So on the floor of my very messy bedroom, really having no idea what I was doing, I started painting! I made some paintings for my housemates to say thank you, and then for some friends and all of a sudden I had a list of orders and an Instagram that was growing beyond what I ever thought! I fell in love with painting and making beautiful things for people I love. I have always tried to keep my story true to what I'm going through and painting is still an important part of my recovery. My painting style and skill has grown heaps from when I started, and Im hoping to continue to learn and try new things!  

The name Zest and Honey came from two of my biggest loves. I work towards having a "zest" full life and also love bees. These two things are linked by my other big love - the colour yellow! 

About... ebony Hoiberg

Its super weird to write in 3rd person, lets be real y'all know its me! So I'm originally from Warrandyte in Melbourne, but have been living in Canberra for 5 years. I am studying a Bachelor of Development Studies at ANU, and will hopefully be graduating after July (fingers crossed). I'm passionate about mental wellbeing and am also working away on creating a mental wellbeing app for uni students. I love bees and live in a beautiful share house where I am lucky enough to get to paint in-between uni, work and trail walking! Feel free to get in touch via instagram or my email. Much love xx